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Originally Posted by ndabunka View Post
I think that your nearly exclusive "in city" driving is impacting your individual results. You have to realize that BMW did NOT run the fuel performance measurements using the sport/non-auto option. Rather, any comparisons should be based on keeping the car in AUTO 100% of the time. Any time you change it to the manual shift alternative, you can basically kiss 2-5MPG in fuel economy away.

In order to get an idea of what your truck will actually do you may want to figure out a way to take it on a road trip for 50% of the tank and drive around town (conservatively) for the other half of the tank. Perhaps a nice EASY cruise to the mountains with a bit of piddling around the small towns shopping for do-dads that can fit in the back of the X5 would do you good. Then come back and let us know how it goes. I think that 12 to 13.5 are about as good as ANYONE gets with those for in city driving. Highway.. you will be lucky to get the top of 21MPG advertised. The 24MPG you are seeing is likely a periodic anomaly. My Diesel goes to 50MPG for long periods of time on the highway but I don't expect to see anywhere near that result in reality. 26MPG would be GREAT for my '12 X5 Diesel IMHO for a long highway run
Hey man. I really appreciate that great response from you. In all honesty, you kinda made me feel a little less paranoid here. LOL If what you are saying is true and most 50i owners are only getting 12 to 13.5 MPG in pure city driving than I will chalk it up to my driving style. But so far I have only heard of 3 people on the board with 50i's getting such low mileage and below 12, me, z51vette, and one other gentlemans wifes car. I would say 75% of the other 50i owners on bimmerfest seem to be getting 15 to 17.5 MPG or so with mostly city, which is more what I was expecting with this car.

Another clarification I want to make. I see that you put in quotes "drive in sport mode". I just want to clarify that you misread what I had initially stated. I NEVER drive in sport mode, with the exception of 2 or 3 , 20 to 80mph spirited blasts to enjoy the car per tankful. After the 10 seconds of fun I immediately put the car back in D full Auto mode. That means I do drive the car 99.9% in D all the time. Just wanted to clarify that. I wish I had a video to show you, but I drive 35 miles to work on the expressway every morning and night, the night time is more city stop and go, and the morning is usually more highway (some traffic, COMBINED mileage of stop and go + highway) type of driving. I think I will use my iphone and record the entire 40 minute morning drive. If I have a full tank of gas in my car and drive 35 miles on the highway you can see my needle drop almost a full quarter tank by the time I get to my job. I know you cant tell me thats normal right? lol The first time I noticed this was when I took it home from the dealer in Westbury , NY about the same mileage 30 miles from my house. The tank was full, I actually watched the needle go down as I was driivng home in some traffic on the highway. It was terrible. Z51 vette knows what I am talking about. On my initial drive home from the dealer I chalked it up to maybe the dealer didnt fill my tank up all the way. So, on my next fill up the car produced the same type of MPG on the same return trip to work. I hope that gives you some more information on what type of driving I do. It is almost 100% D, especially the last 2 fill ups I have never put it in sport, AT ALL and have driven ultra conservatively. Still getting horrible MPG.

But...... And here comes the but, again. If you are telling me it is normal to have 12MPG figures with my type of driving than I will go grab a cup of coffee, relax, and never worry about this again.

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