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Originally Posted by Tsyras View Post
These changes are definitely for cosmetic purposes.

I guess my questions boil down to:

1) Will 18s look good without the sport package?

2) Do slightly wider tires add to the appearance?

3) What is the most economical way to get the bumper that the 335i is using from the OP?

4) What is the typical cost to upgrade to LED Halo lights?

1) yes. go quality with wheels. Apex make nice rotary forged wheels that won't break the bank.
2) yes, wider and more flush = more aggressive. Don't go too far, though.
3) look for an aftermarket 'OEM Front Lip". easy self-install. Shop around, will cost a few hundred. Goes right over the bottom part of your current bumper, and can be removed later if you want. Fitment is key, make sure to see photos of actual fitments.
4) no idea. don't like them.

Photo of my aero lip. Took me about an hour to install.

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