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Originally Posted by CT View Post
I would tend to doubt it - rather the opposite, don't you think? Thousands of times per minute...I prefer not to imagine it too vividly.
Too late. What one has imagined one cannot unimagine.

The OP is kind of correct, he just has his parts mixed up a little. The sacrificial part is the HPFP. BMW designed it so that it acts much like a fuse on a circuit board. As soon as the HPFP detected a flaw anywhere in the engine it gave up the ghost so as to protect the mechanicals from further damage. The Japanese later perfected the technology (as always) by making their HPFPs act more like automatically resetting circuit breakers.
Now that BMW has bought the technology from Nippondenso there are no more HPFP failures, and all is well with N54 engines.
I have no idea how those crazy internet rumors get started.
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