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The hidden benefit in trade-in is that your trade-in value is deducted prior to the sales tax calculations. So if your trade-in is worth 10k and the 7% sales tax (depending your home state) you will save $700 on the net purchase price. Trade-in is recommended for higher trade-in values to close the gap between sales tax savings and dealer trade-in vs private party price. The other option is sell your car while waiting for the order if you could manage with your wife's car or public transportation. First finalize the deal with the trade-in with an exit clause in the contract for the trade-in. Three weeks is a very good time to sell your car privately. Always have your private party sales contract as buyer purchasing the car "As is" to avoid any after sales issues with the buyer. If this didn't workout then you always falls back to dealer trade-in.
Good luck.
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