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Originally Posted by 100mileperhour View Post
I have a neighbor who is a Scaffer Oil Representative/Distributor and I went to a company demonstration. In the demonstration, they had a electric motor with a lever that held a small bushing on a shaft. You would than pull the lever over on the output shaft and the bushing would rotate against the output shaft of the motor.

The demonstration point, was that you could stall the electric motor, by applying force. Then through out the demonstration they would add things like WD40 and show that you could still stall out the motor.

Eventually they added a small cup that they could add oil to and the output shaft would then be coated with oil. Now when you brought the lever/bushing into contact, you had to apply a lot more force to get the motor to stall, but you could do it.

The final demonstration was when they simply added the Shaffer oil to the cup, with all the other oils they already had in this small oil bath. I could not physically stall the electric motor, as I had done previously. It was impressive.

Anyway, I want to put this stuff in my high mileage 323ci. Any thoughts or users out there?
My thought is that the same thing would have happened if they had used any of the BMW LL-01 or LL-04 oils.

Snake-oil demonstrations don't mean that it meets the standards that BMW has specified for our cars' oils.

Finally, we're more interested in diesels in this forum and don't know much about 323i (is it an E46?)
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