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Originally Posted by ard View Post
Dealers will lie, to try and make YOU think there is, to protect themselves....
Couldn't you sue them if that is the case - record the conversation? Why would any dealer open themselves up to potential lawsuits, and an employee to dismissal, instead of telling the customer to just pay it off later and that it would help them by doing so?

If that's the case, why wouldn't a dealer tell folks that they'll get a check for $5,000 in a few months time, and when they don't, just point out that it's not in the contract and they'll be covered legally? Wouldn't they sell a lot more cars? I mean - if you're going to lie, and can get away with it, why not make it a big one?

Personally - I've never had a dealer deliberately lie to me. They may be not providing all the information, be ignorant, or hold back their best offer, but that's not the same as lying. If you expect the dealer to disclose everything, doesn't it work both ways - the buyer should also disclose everything, like the highest price they are willing to pay, their best offer from another dealer etc.?

Putting myself in the dealer's shoes, the choices are lie, and potentially be caught out as lying, and have the customer walk (what customer wants to buy from a liar?). Or be vague, evasive and non-committal. I think the latter is probably better for THEM than the former. Not a real big incentive to lie. And heaven forbid they are actually fully open, gaining the trust and respect of the customer. Yes - we can all dream.
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