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Originally Posted by White05X3 View Post
Terry - can you please answer my questions?

Also what happens with your tuner when the car is in Eco Pro mode? What are the afr's in Eco Pro at low RPM, large throttle openings (not WOT, just like 2/3), and high load? Under those conditions does the tuner still raise boost?
Answered "knock count" in previous post above. Fuel trims are less than the 34% upper ceiling. This is not a traditional fuel injector, it injects up to 3 times per stroke, so the IPW question does not really apply to this motor. The fuel injectors can probably support around 100whp each.

The ECO mode gives you the same performance characteristics as the SPORT mode from the factory, only they have heavily dampened the gas pedal so you need to push it down further to make the same power output. I've dyno tested all modes and they performed the same at 100% pedal input. So with the tuning in place in ECO mode, the gains also only come under the heavier throttle positions.

Fueling is closed loop full time on all late model BMW turbos including the N20/N26. The OEM AFR targets are in the high 11s and we run the same basic targets only a touch leaner tuned. Since we're running a higher boost target we use the built in lean spool for a few hundred RPM more as seen in the dyno chart to get up to target quickly.

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