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I love the beast. You don't realize how easy the thing builds speed until you drive something else. It needs no revs to build torque, it just goes. Drive something else, and you realize that most engines require more revs to get going.

I got a pretty awesome job in The Netherlands and brought the 535i with me. The E60 535i was only offered in the U.S. so I wear my 535i badge proudly. The F10 535i is avaiable here but the E60 535i was only in the States. I have only seen one 335i so far, 90% of the cars sold here are diesels. 520d's, 116i's etc.
I have the JB3 and can personally tell you that the car will easily slam into the 150mph limiter going up-hill on the German autobahn. At the higher speeds that the autobahn allows, the beast still gets around 20mpg. At the sametime, if you travel at 75-80mph, 500 plus miles on a tank is doable.

I also am highly impressed with the Continental DWS tires. It rains regularly here and these tires are just unstoppable, I never have to worry and feel that I would have to go above legal speeds around corners to get them to break loose. The fact that they are Z rated for speed is just icing on the cake. We got some light snow the other day but nothing serious enough to get a good assessment. But based on Tire Rack's testing I don't think I'll have to worry about anything unless a blizzard hits.

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