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Originally Posted by M FUNF View Post
Not to be a stickler, but you did not "buy" your car, you rented it. You signed your long term rental agreement on the 17th, and took delivery of your rental on the 22nd.
To further this stickleration, you are technically incorrect.

I completed a financial transaction with a 3rd party on 17 Nov to purchase the car from my BMW dealership. The conditions of the agreement with the 3rd party (BMW FS) are that I pay down the depreciation on the car (plus interest) for 39 months then have a chance to buy out the car or hand it back.

My entire point in being a stickler in the beginning was to get the point across that all OP has to do is make a deal with the dealer and get the car ordered. Depending on the dealership, he shouldn't even have to put down a deposit. Then at a later time, he is required to complete the actual transaction of purchase.
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