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Originally Posted by doms50msport View Post
Hey man. I really appreciate that great response from you. In all honesty, you kinda made me feel a little less paranoid here. LOL If what you are saying is true and most 50i owners are only getting 12 to 13.5 MPG in pure city driving than I will chalk it up to my driving style. ...Another clarification I want to make. I see that you put in quotes "drive in sport mode". I just want to clarify that you misread what I had initially stated. I NEVER drive in sport mode, with the exception of 2 or 3 , 20 to 80mph spirited blasts to enjoy the car per tankful. After the 10 seconds of fun I immediately put the car back in D full Auto mode.... But, If you are telling me it is normal to have 12MPG figures with my type of driving than I will go grab a cup of coffee, relax, and never worry about this again.
Thanks for the clarification. Your expectations were probably based on a "combined fuel economy" but you drive mostly city only so you are (logically) experiencing lower than combined average fuel economy whereas others here may be driving up to 50% highway which may explain why theirs are SO much higher than yours. . If you look at the CITY MPG window sticker that came with your X5, they will show a range for that vehicle. Since most of your driving is City, you may want to see just how low the sticker shows for your city ratings and see where you fall along that range. As long as your results are in that range, the car manufacturer's (unfortunately) really don't HAVE to address any complaints. I learned that lesson the hard way when we bought a '06 Highlander Hybrid that was "RATED" for 31MPG highway but nobody and I mean NOBODY was able to get that out of them at the time. Turned out that the window sticker was an overly optimistic figure and Toyota (and others) were forced (by the Government) to use more appropriate estimates on the window which once changed, we were achieving (26MPG average highway, city, etc it doesn't matter on our HyHi, it gets 26MPH unless towing a trailer..LOL).

One thing about these forums is that the majority of the posters are here because they have an issue or want/need to complain about something. That means that in general you will see more problems on here than occur than for the normal population. Try driving a tank like "a little old lady" and see what you get. Sure, you'll feel a bit uneasy that you are holding others up but take those 20 seconds to get from zero to sixty and see if your results don't improve significantly. Look ahead when coming to a light and try to time them so that you can continue rolling rather than coming to a full stop and then having to get all the weight moving again by burning fuel.

I (intentionally) did not buy a 5.0i so I can't give you exacts here.

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