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Originally Posted by Nfs021 View Post
Not sure if this questions been asked before but have been wondering. I've heard thet they have excellent knowledge and selection plus a great service center. But after looking at their website. In my opinion they seem WAAAAAYYYYY overpriced on their vehicles! I know they give the vehicles a full service and all and make sure the vehicles look "factory new". But I'm NOT paying $60,000 for a 2003 E39 M5 with 7,000 miles on the clock. I know 7,000 miles is low for a decade old car, but c'mon. Even Kelly Blue Book online would list a vehicle in the same condition and milage for half the price. They even have a 2002 one going for just under $40,000 with over 30,000 on the odometer. I know it sounds like I'm bashing them, but those prices are too much for cars that old. Has anyone on here have any experience with them? Would like to hear your responses and also see if anyone agrees with me. Later.
I recently spotted that M5 on their web site too; and my reaction to their pricing has generally been the same as yours: a bit high to rather overpriced. But, I gave them something of the benefit of the doubt, thinking their cars were pristine examples of used cars, and were mechanically sound due to their implied practice of going over each of them with a fine-toothed comb.

One day this past September, I was up in the Cincinnati area with an hour or so to kill. Enthusiast was closed, but I thought I'd wander around their lot and see if the cars matched the impressions given by their web site photos -- and their pricing. They did not. The cars were clean, and may be mechanically-sound (the jury is still out there) -- but they were clearly used, and did not, in my opinion, justify their pricing. Occasionally they may get a gem or two in their inventory; but I identified several finish and interior flaws on a number of their vehicles -- without even looking too hard. I realize these are used cars, so flaws are a likelihood; but a full, up-to-date fluids change and a 'spit-shine' on the paint doesn't justify their pricing...

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