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I'm sorry if I offended you, I appreciate your input, regardless if we agree or not.

Thats fine haha. Just know that I'll never attack or condescend on anybody who chooses a certain type of car or transmission rather then another. Everybody has a different situation and needs. Just didn't want you thinking of me in a way that I'm not.

-Unless you have any symptoms of VANOS failure, I see no reason to change it unless you want better performance. I know a person with like (150,000? miles) on their M54 and it drives fine with no symptoms. If you cared about fuel economy, you should've at least bought a 1 or 3 series or a 525i not to mention not even buying a BMW period. If the car starts fine and shows no idle roughs or complete lack of power at lower RPM's or any major fuel economy deficits then I cannot see a reason to fix VANOS.

The price you pay to fix the VANOS will never be returned on the price you save on the "Increased" fuel economy unless you keep the car for a LONG time or you rack up ridiculous mileage. On top of that, it will not add any significant value to the car. Used E39's are worth less then the dirt on the bottom of my shoe for the outstanding quality that they are, but they cost more to maintain then some people's houses. Just trust me, fuel economy is the LEAST of your expense concerns with a 100k+ miles, because many things can start to fail. If you commute a great deal on the other hand, then a Japanese hybrid maybe for you. A Volkswagen Golf is also a great "Drivers" car and also economical. Honestly...anything other then a ridiculously overweight ancient E39 well out of its stock spec due to age.

If "performance" isn't your concern, flush that transmission fluid and make sure your fundamental suspension components (because you suspension is nowhere close to what it was when it was new unless it was overhauled) for safety are operating properly and keep up with regular maintenance and it will get you from A to B.

I am really getting mixed signals or perhaps I am confused something, but based on what you've said it seems to me you bought the wrong car for your expectations/needs.

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