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Leasing a 13 35d has went up a lot over 12!

I have been prowling the site here for over a year..went back and forth on the 5.0 and 35D and waffled on waiting for the 14, until I was convinced (on here) to not go for a first year BMW model. I was set to lease a 12 at the end of the year and was finalizing the numbers and hoping to take adv of end of year deals when the shutdown the 12 line... so I moved to the 13..the eco fell 1500,the options crept up , but most of all the residual on the 13 dropped to 51%...from 5 on the 12.. That equates to about $150 more per mo on a loaded 35D ..AD ect,.. all things considered about $8 K less that the identical vehicle in a 12.... My fault for waiting but left such a sour taste in my mouth I have decided to wait..Checked all 12 inventor..only 6 with AD and no acceptable color schemes with contour seats.
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