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Originally Posted by x3brian View Post
These gaskets do fail but in experience it's closer to 150k or 6 or 7 years.

I too am an engineer and agree 100%. However, I do have a theory that prolonged oil change durations contribute to this. Did you 100% follow BMW oil changes? That's only about 3 oil changes in 58k miles.

Now with that said ask for goodwill!!!! At 58k and a 2008 you are in the running for it. The dealer controls that process not BMWNA. It sounds like this dealer doesn't want your repeat business and is playing shuck and jive so you don't ask for it!

So latestest update, the dealer (and i guess BMWNA) is claiming the oil leaks are common and consistent with BMW's 'commitment to quality', therefore, they will not offer any assistance, whole or partial.

I clearly ket them know their commitment to quality is not consistent with my expectations of quality and I will therefore end my 15+ year relationship with their brand, and move to a brand more aligned with my expectations.

I do have to say though, it was a surprising response.
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