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Originally Posted by gehmjc21 View Post
I've put a few posts up about a potential lease takeover for my '12 6er coupe. I wanted to get a dealer's opinion on this.

I signed my lease back 7/1 for my coupe and it looks like we're going to be starting a family sooner than expected, so I'm thinking about the 6er GC.

Would it be possibly to do a lease trade AND still get some of my initial money down (MSDs and cap cost reduction) assuming I would eat my upfront tax paid.

Not sure if there's anyway to do this so early into the lease?
I never did an early termination or trade in with BMW but I did a few early termination of Lexus and Infiniti lease.

The process is generally very easy. You can call BMWFS and ask them what is your car early termination pay off amount. They will tell you it is $X if you do it before a date Y. Now it is your turn to shop your car around either as part of the trade in or take it to several BMW dealerships around you (if you have multiple BMW dealerships around you. If not, you are stuck with the one in town) and see what is their best price. We did both of them. And in most case, the first offer is always a couple thousands below X (since they know exactly what your pay off amount is.. They figure you will be o.k. to pay a couple thousand to get ride of the car) regardless of the real wholesales price of the cars at the moment. The only way to figure out is to shop around and the highest bidder is what the market price is. You will always get back your MSD once your lease is paid off. The upfront cost is iffy and you need to negotiate hard for that by shopping your cars around. You can also sell the car or transfer the lease on your own. But I think there is some hassle if they guy who take over your lease don't pay down the road. Some manufacturer will make you liable for the non-payment while other don't. But either way, BMW will have to approve your transfer..

You can get some idea of the ultimate price you can get by looking at the dealer asking price for a model similar to your CAR. Subtract 2 to 4 thousand from their asking price and it should be close to what you ultimately can get... Dealer will need to make money too. So you won't be able to get the same price that they will eventually ask for your car once you trade it in. Good luck.. You have a very good problem of planing a GC to be your family car 8-)
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