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Originally Posted by MikeyBabii View Post
Have you tried this product? And are the results from users good?
We are in the process of trialing K-seal for a possible headgasket issue. It doesn't look like it made any difference, which probably means that the diagnosis that the engine problem was HG related was incorrect, but it has not caused ANY issues with the car and is still running in the radiator. It has been 10 days since the application.

We used K seal because it was cheap so the cost of experimentation was tolerable.

Steel seal is pricey...$90. Scotty Kilmer suggests that it won't work too well with BMW engines due to the higher compression of the engine (this places more stress on the fracture that is sealed), but after some cogitation, I decided that a workaround would be to idle the engine much longer (say 2 hours), and then shut down for the night, with no driving in between. That should give the product more time to bond and harden, if it was going to work anyway.

Further, Scotty had this idea on one of his videos....find the cylinder or adjacent cylinders which contain the primary HG rupture, remove the spark plugs for those two cylinders alone, and then run the engine at idle with the product in the radiator. (You can determine which cylinders are closest to the rupture by performing a compression test, the one(s) with substantially lower readings will be the one closest to the rupture or crack). The engine will run like crap but you're not driving anyway, and the chambers concerned will not be adding pressure to the crack or rupture you are trying to fix. So I'm willing to say that its worth a try using both of the methods above, but at this point, it is still a gamble if it will work.

Remember, always, use a coolant friendly product.

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