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I was the Buyer!!!

Hi Guys,

First post here...My name is Garret. I am 25 years old and live in Perrysburg, Ohio. I was actually the buyer of this car at the beginning of May. What a great seller Stefan was! I committed to buying the car after only 5 minutes on the phone with Stefan. I wired him only $50 to immediately hold the car and call off the other interested purchasers, so I could get the logistics figured out. I believe this was on Wednesday. On Saturday of the same week, I took the train from Toledo, Ohio to Chicago where Stefan picked me up in the car. We then drove 45mins to his regular BMW Dealership. The service manager took a quick look at a few things under the hood, but would not charge me the $135 for the inspection because he could tell the car was in amazing shape! He pretty much said, don't waste your money or my time! lol. We then went to the bank, I signed a check over to Stefan and he signed over the title. After that, we got breakfast, went back to his garage, swapped license plates on the car, talked cars and I drove my new beauty home! Such a fun and exciting adventure!

This Z4 is my second BMW. My first, was a 2006 325ci with 50k miles. Triple Black with wood trim etc, etc. I bought the 325 in February of 2011 and sold it back to the dealership I bought it from in May of this year. Only 14 months of ownership because I knew I needed to upgrade.

Both BMW's but such different cars! If you want a great all-around, passenger carrying car, the 3series can't be beat in my book! Especially a drop-top. However, the Z4 is a true sports cars in my opinion. One that just a few months before I bought mine, I had no appreciation for.

Since my May purchase I have put about 13-14k miles on the car. I think it had about 24k on it, now put away for the winter I have roughly 38k on it. This is there a few questions come in...

For Winter:

* Stefan last had the oil changed at 24k miles. I stretched this oil change all the way to 14k miles and did not get a chance to change it before winter. Hopefully this is okay, as I have plans to have it done first thing in the spring. Okay here?

* I over-inflated the tires to about 55psi. Max psi I think is 51 for the RF's. I also parked the car on carpet squares. Probably a little anal.

* Wash and waxed the outside. Inside will be done in the spring.

* Covered the car.

* Put it on a Deltran battery tender.

* Scattered dryer sheets under car and two inside engine compartment to fend off any possible critters.

* Put steel wool in the exhaust pipe.

* Am I missing anything for winter?


* What else should I have checked come spring on the car? For two reasons, me being the new owner and the car having 38k miles on it? Fluids etc?


* Once in a while when I first start the car it idles a bit rough. Thoughts or solutions here?

Sorry for the long post and any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!
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