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check engine light? but no codes?

So i have an 07 e90 335i. When i floor it, once i get the revs up to around 5k the CEL comes on.
It stays on until i turn the car off and when i turn it back on there is no light until i rev it past 5k again. (If i sit still in park and rev the light wont come on, only if i actually floor it while driving)

Also, if i dont turn the car off, while the CEL is still on, if i plug in a scanner it says the CEL is NOT on (when i can see it is) and that there are NOT ANY CODES coming up. (tried multiple scanners)

Anyone who is familiar with the N54, please tell me if you know why this is.

Also, when the light comes on, i dont lose any power (no limp mode), i can still drive as fast as i want.
Im doing spark plugs tomorrow, hopefully that will fix it.

If you have any ideas why this may be happening, please let me know! Thanks!
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