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I read with interest and sincerely appreciate Wrongway's extremely civil and informative response, and sincerely thank him for it.

At the risk of repetition, and perhaps I'm just being dense despite Wrongway's attempts at explanation, I really don't understand why, if given the premise that wiring in the X35i differs from that in the X28i (which suggests that there is a connection point of some nature or structure), why no cable is supplied in the X35i that would fit/work with let's say an iPod, whether we're talking USB, smart phone, or whatever. They managed to figure it out for the X28i. Why not accommodate an iPhone for the X35i, and provide a cable for it? Or an Android-compatible cable for that matter? Let BMW choose. I would have no problem with that.

If BMW decided to support the iPhone and supplied a cable for it, and I have an Android-based phone, I certainly agree that I would have no reasonable issue or complaint, and please believe me when I tell you that I would not even ask, let alone demand or feel entitled to a free Android cable (assuming that I don't have an iPhone, which I do, by the way) because I'm me, or had purchased several BMWs in the past.

And, as Wrongway suggests, if Apple (or whatever manufacturer) markets a new model, I in no way think that I am owed a cable to match the new unit. I don't think I ever said that or took that position, because it would be wrong at best and idiotic at worst. Now that would really represent misguided entitlement (which is rapidly becoming one of my least favorite words...but I'll get over it).

I also find that I like certain colors, and they somehow invariably end up being unavailable on the model or in the series I'm shopping. It's just too bad for me. I lose. No complaint. The company is not obligated to meet my every need, so that I really don't think that I am a totally unreasonable person.

I don't demand anything. I don't expect BMW to give me a new cable each time a new iPod comes out, any more than I expect Nordstroms to give me a new tie because this season's ties are narrower or wider than last year's, or give me a new pair of pants for free just because my waist size changes. That's on me, not them.

I just disagree with BMW's decision-making process, is all, and if the BMW rep had been perhaps somewhat a bit more communicative and thereby able to explain things to me a bit better, I honestly believe that I wouldn't have been so annoyed. If she had even said, "I understand your frustration, but BMW has decided upon its course of action, and while I am not aware of what went into it, if you would like, I can provide you with an address to write further and would be happy to do so," that would have been something (though I thought that that was what I was doing by speaking with her).

It is my understanding that cables were provided for both models in 2011, and I believe (though I freely admit I don't know and may be totally incorrect) in 2013.

And all this so BMW can save $10? I do recognize that it would potentially cost many multiples of that number...I'm not unaware of that. But I think it would have been a good business decision for least as to me.

And it is clear that Wrongway has received nothing less than superb support from BMW, no doubt at a cost of many thousands to them. I would be equally pleased, and would surely defend them, as he has, justifiably so, I would add. Now that's what I'm talking about!!! now, we have all said our piece, so let's at least agree on its homonym...peace. I am sure that we all have more important issues in our respective lives that can use our attention to a far better and more productive end.


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