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Ok so we noticed the wires to the pump were pinched between the frame and the tank so we were thinking it was a short.. Read the wiring diagram and deteimed the wire goes to the ecu, found the wire and put a jumper on it rigt to the pump.. Sure enough pump turns on and the car starts and runs like a top.. Yay! So then went to the store to get wire etc to bypass the shorted wire and splice it in.. So I cut the wire and spliced the new one on and then onto the connector and onto the pump.. Tried it and now the pump won't turn on :-( so figured only different thing is the wire we cut.. So spliced the cut wire back into the circuit and sure enough the pump turns on w the ignition but now it just keeps running instead of just for a second before I turn it over.. So that's strange.. Now I try to start it and for some reason now there's no spark :-(. All I can think of is that by cutting the wire I messed something up... There's power to the ignition coil and we tested the resistance and its fine.. So something isn't letting the plugs fire... I could cry lol. I'm driving an f150 w a slipping clutch I NEED my car to get to work.. Thought I had it all figured out and now I'm back to the drawing board
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