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Originally Posted by miamiboyca View Post
Sorry but that statement lacks foresight. Its not that you will get $500 dollars of it back, its that it will be one of the few cars that does not have this technology. It will cause a car without to depreciate more - as a result the NAV will actually depreciate less. In addition you get years of use, updates, etc. Does the NAV have some issues, of course it does, they all do.

Also don't go too crazy with Android is better - one of the posts shows how Google has the same incorrect routing in more than on of the situations. Take a look.

people aren't going to not buy your car, because it doesn't have nav or a hud. have you ever seen the differences in trade in prices for a nav or no nav car?

OPTIONS are the highest depreciating things on any car (which is why the lease residuals on cars with a ton of options are lower). you shoudl buy the least amount you can get away with buying while still getting the things you want. sure had i gotten HUD on my car, i'd have used it. its right in front of me. would have i used it enough to make up for say $3000 in 4 years or whenever i sell. highly unlikely. I am fairly certain this isn't my last car ever. so for i think most people who switch cars semi regularly its smarter to get less of the more frivolus options.

the nav on most cars is for one thing generally harder to input destinations on , and the routes are not as good as say google or even the currently not as good iphone. a lot of people like to have a screen of some sort in their new cars these days, modern cars its sort of expected. oh wait, ALL F30s have one.

the F30 obviously has lots of possible options. but if you would get little to no use out of an option i'd say don't get it. "people are going to expect it on the car" and your car will be worth less when you sell just doesnt work out.

Case in point. I just sold my 2010 A4 (a week ago, to buy a 2013 F30). When i bought it in 2010 people said the same thing, "oh you didnt get nav? how come?". to which i explained, the nav isnt that great and it was $2000. had i bought nav for my audi, then sold it last week, i'm 100% positive i would have gotten at best $500 back of my $2000. what did i use those 3 years? oh my android phone, which gave better directions and you could give voice commands like " in n out venice california" to, and it would automatically route, vs. manually entering in street , house number, city like most cars (i'm fairly certain its like this with the F30 too)
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