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Originally Posted by Sam555 View Post
Oil change- $95, Brake fluid flush- $ 125, Check differential oil- $50...these figures straight away seem to suggest hes trying to screw me over...Indy mentioned I wont need transmission fluid change...

Power steering pump- $450

Oil Cooler- $ 200

Steering gear- $ 825

Labor- 5hours (including 1.2 hours for wheel alignment)

Total damages- $ 2300!!

Bear in mind, I have been driving the car quite happily..yes power steering leak was definitely something I was aware of, and like I said, I was told it could be fixed for $ 180 in the past! Two questions:

1. Does this sound credible- or does he seeem like a total rip off?I respect good Indy's, and would happily transact with an honest person at fair be clear. So I'm not looking to screw him...
2. I would like to look up the prices of these parts- any leads?

I will of course search the thread too, for other past views on this, but thought I would quickly post what the indy said. Many thanks for any advise/insights.
No problem, just giving you what information I can.
I personally don't take my car to my Indy for alignment or oil changes. I typically do the changes myself or I take them to mobil1 which does a good job where I'm at though I've heard bad reviews elsewhere so be careful. That's with regard to oil changes. Alignment I usually get at the same place I buy the tires from.. firestone in my last case. Whether or not you take it somewhere, a $95 oil change is a bit much. About 20% more than what I pay if I don't do it personally. AAP (Advanced Auto Parts) had a deal on oil change kits so that saved me a good amount of money on the last few changes. Power steering pump doesn't seem like too bad of a DIY, so for $450 I would definitely look into doing it myself.

Dreaming of the ///M.

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