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Random input, but I did not see this posted in any of the instructions, so I thought I would pass along:

The follwing is translated from the enet_doku.pdf found in the C:\EDIABAS\Hardware\ENET folder cable build manual:

Documentation to ETHERNET Diagnosis Plug

Shield RJ45 to pin 4 and pin 5 OBD connector

Instructions for Operation Connection sequence for ETHERNET diagnostic connector for running from a computer:

First, the computer, and then connect to the vehicle.

Due to discharge static charge on leading ground pins
(Pin 4 and pin 5 on the OBD plug)

Because activation of Ethernet when connecting to the vehicle
(Pin 8 and pin 16 on the OBD plug)
So to be safe, we should be using the shielded cable with pins 4 and 5 grounded to the RJ45 (shield) and we should plug into the computer first and then into the OBD II port...

While this probably hasn't been an issue for anyone using a shielded cable or not, I would hate to be the unlucky one to transmit a static shock to the car / ECU .

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