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2005 645 Auto Box Questions

Hello all,

I recently purchased a 2005 645ci Convertible and have been scanning through this forum for a while now.

I really love the car and don't regret purchasing one bit! Surprisingly it is very good on fuel too! I have wanted this car since it's release in 2004 and I have finally accomplished my dream.

I think this forum has the best 6 series specific content from all the forums I have visited. Maybe because it's such a rare care over in the UK that UK forums don't have enough owners present to build enough information and content?

I have a few question with regards to my 6, mostly to do with the gearbox.

- When you're at a traffic light, do you leave it in Drive or do you put it into Neutral? Would keep switching from Drive to Neutral at each light cause the gearbox to wear excessively?

- Sometimes When I'm rolling in traffic (less than 5 mph and no gas is being applied), the car vibrates. Is this common? It feels like the gearbox is causing the vibration.

- When I switch the car on during a cold morning, the revs obviously will start off high. when they start settling the car seems to vibrate for about 10/15 seconds then the vibration stops once the car begins to settle towards the normal idle rev. Is this normal?

I apologise for the large post and thank you all for your help and assistance - it is very much appreciated!

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