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Originally Posted by MRV99 View Post
One other thing that needs clarification. What is your definition of city driving. Chicago city where you have a light every block or suburb driving where you can go a mile or two before you stop/start again. My wife's 50 "city" driving is 12 stoplights/stop signs on her 3 mile commute to work.
Hey man. Your wife's 12mpg 50i and z51vette are my hopefuls. Lol
My city driving is your second explanation. 1 mile here and there suburban type city driving.
I would assume my type of driving should be much better than your wife's . Yet she is at 12 and I am at around 10. Thanks again bro. I think I definitely need to record a 45 minute video drive on my dashboard so you guys can see my driving style and also that I am not bs'ing about this horrible mileage.

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