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Originally Posted by Leekay07 View Post
I know they are full of crap. I also turned in the stupid questionnaire today. I did asked for my money back for the coil pack they replaced without even so much as trouble shooting. Not till I brought the car back that afternoon did they bother to try the pack in another cylinder before deciding it was something else. If it was BMW they did this too BMW would have laughed at them. But no they have my money so hard luck. They gave me some crap about it should have been replaced when the plugs and injectors where so no refund.. LOL

I am thinking about filing a claim with my cc about this lot. 800 in parts and 2200 in labor and its still doing the same thing it did when I took it.
$3K and not have anything fixed is clearly ridiculous for a mass production car. That's Ferrari owner bills not a run of the mill BMW.

Main issue if probably taking it the dealer. They are used to warranty work and working on cars just out of warranty. It's doubtful many dealers see many cars with much over 80K miles as after the first repair bill most owners find an independent garage.

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