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Originally Posted by Glock 32 View Post
From the e-sys manual:

Selection of individual CAFD entries
Control unit is read out with the selected CAF
Selections at Basic Variants level
Control units are read out with all CADs listed below the selected basic variants
Selection at ECU or SVT level
All control units with valid CAFD entries with green check mark in the SVT view
are read out.

It appears instead of holding the ctrl key, I can select the SVT folder or ECU subfolder and all will be read...

My only concern now is that 20 to 30 second per roughly 40 CAFDs equals about ~ 15 to 20 minutes and likely the car will turn off prior to completing. I assume that would not be tragic if only reading CAFDs and not coding the FDLs(?), but still do not want something to glitch. Is there anyway to make sure the car stays on besides running the engine at idle for 20 minutes or so(?) or do you think it will actually be a lot quicker than this(?)

If I were to read only half of them (or if the car turns off halfway through), do I then turn off the car (wait, already off, haha) turn back on the car and then reconnect e-sys, read, read VCM, etc and somehow start where I left offt(?), which leads to another question...

What is the proper way to disconnect from the car after coding(?), simply turn off the car and disconnect the cable or is there a disconnect button in e-sys to properly disconnect (e.g. worried about some sort of write cashing not completing as can happen with usb flash drives, etc. if I pull the plug to early).

Do I simply shutdown the car and pull the plug once e-sys FDL code completes and I close the Report dialog(?)

I am sure I am overthinking this now... I promise, this is my last batch of questions before I dive in
I always code with my Engine running, except when I am messing with my DME Module. The last thing you want is the car dropping below 13.6 volts while you are coding it.

There are no delayed write issues. When you FDL Code an ECU, you will see the progress in the TAL report window, and when it is done it will show it was successful. So to disconnect, you can just disconnect from the OBDII port or the Laptop port so long as no Tal is executing.

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