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Originally Posted by otonimus

Which Lines have which?
Sport Line and M Sport Line have the M Sport suspension, all others have non-sport
Not accurate. Sport and M sport line cars have the sport suspension. There is no such thing as "m sport" suspension on the F30 currently, any such suspension would arrive with the redesigned M3 next year. The "M sport" on the F30 is largely cosmetic with the only performance differences being the thicker steering wheel (not sure if that really counts) and the upgraded brakes. Referring to it this way confuses people who are trying to figure out the difference between sport suspension and adaptive m suspension. See the potential for confusion when you refer to sport suspension as M sport?

Originally Posted by otonimus
X drives all have the non-sport suspension correct? [/b]
Correct, unless they spring for the adaptive suspension and handling package.

ZDH = the Dynamic Handling Package, I think... what's the Z stand for?
Probably something German. It's a package number. Some package numbers are simply a combination of numbers and letters that would only make sense to a marketing/engineering person in Germany.

Can you have M Sport suspension and ZDH at the same time? When you "build your own" on the BMW website it doesn't seem like it...
The ZDH suspension replaces whatever suspension the car would normally have. It's a "sport" suspension with adjustable shocks and wheel sensors. On the x-drive cars it is a taller ride height, otherwise it is the same on all cars regardless of the line.

What exactly does the ZDH do? How does the Dynamic Handling Package effect the M Sport vs Normal vs _______? (if there is a third)
Look here;

And stop referring to sport suspension as an M suspension. It's not an M suspension even if you get an "m sport" car. The only cars that have M suspensions are M cars like M3, M5, etc.

What if anything happens to the various suspension options when you switch between Eco/Comfort/Sport?
Do a search, this has come up and been covered many many times. Type adaptive in the search box on this site and look at some of the threads that come up, there's tons of info about this.
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