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Originally Posted by Khabar View Post
maybe more than mile. I wormed my car all the way until line disappears from dashboard then drove 1.5. after hose became hot and fan kicked in. I am very disappointed in quality of hose connectors at end of coolant hoses. They use some kind of fiberglass material.
Line disappears when temp is more than 70C and its not even close for tstat to open. When fan kicks in, this when tstat fully opened and lower hose temp is higher than 65C. Lower hose fan switch is actually temp sensor, not a switch how they call it.
Also you know that this tstat opens electronically if engine temp is higher than 105C no matter what temp you have at lower hose. This is that black connector is for, it's just a dme controlled heater inside your tstat. They installed it to prevent from overheating or if engine needs it to open earlier. Bullet proof design- but as we know here...
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