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Originally Posted by chrischeung View Post
I did some mental arithmetic (very rough), and it looked to be about $350 a month on a $66K MSRP car via ED. A few things to be concerned about, which is why I wouldn't give it MY stamp (others may).

If it was that good, why haven't I jumped on it? It seems a cop out for me to recommend something that I didn't take advantage of. Second is the capacity controls on number of leases and just in the West region. And Third, there may be details about lockability of the program etc. The second point is the biggest sticking point for me. A real lease deal of the year should have wide availability. What if sales managers don't want to use their allocations for ED? Only cars in stock? Will want a higher selling price? In those caes, you're back to using the regular program.

Bottom line - if you NEED a 535i in the next 6 months, you should be all over this. Now rather than later. There's no harm in asking.
I agree with you. This must be designed to help unload in stock units at dealers and get these sales on the books for year end 2012.
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