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Originally Posted by CALWATERBOY View Post
The top electric car company stands a chance, maybe, of success. They've been around awhile as a novelty....major players have at Govt's behest made a car or two, yet have only boutique sales to show, a failure to launch.

Natural gas but not fossil fuel. Ah.....

Solar electric not a significant thing at all. In California, solar collectors are mandated by law & regulation. Not desired, and not selling on merits, but forced.

Boondoggle! Public funding should be cut off at the knees. Liberal gibberish. Some invest their self worth in this stuff.


Not true but who needs facts? Nice GIF though. And if certain things that are good for us are not legislated, how many people would still be dying from lung cancer due to smoking cheap cigarettes and I can't even imagine the condition of our lakes and streams?
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