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Originally Posted by Penguin View Post
I've noticed that the preference for the "Big Rim 'Thin' Tire" look is inversely proportional with age, in general. I have a theory that this is because it reminds the current generation of the Hot Wheels cars they played with as a kid (the tires on those typically were rather 'thin.')

People tend to develop some basic preferences when they are young, e.g., I still think the Ford GT40 is the coolest looking race car ever built.

But it's just a theory.
For general consumers it's not the "thin rim" that is attractive. Rather, it is the effect of the large chunk of metal consuming that wheel well. The "thin rim" is a consolation that people are "willing" to live with to get the HUGE-ARSE chuck of reflecting material.

For racers, the thin sidewall can be stiffer and allows the tire manufacturer's to do some AMAZING things for modern vehicle handling. However, the rappers and other "cruisers" that are using them aren't doing so because they need (or even LIKE) the thin sidewall. They simply want as MUCH RIM as they can get even to the detriment of handling (and looks IMHO). I can't tell you how many 7-series and other cars I have seen that are "jacked up like off road 4x4s" being driven by people living in mobile homes who (for some unknown reason) think that makes their vehicles look good. Same thing as "pants on the ground". Just looks flat out STUPID in every way.

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