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Originally Posted by cmpcpro View Post
I was talking to the guy at the BMW dealership the other day.. It was at closing time and I had just bought a bunch of parts and was sitting in the showroom cars.. anyway, we were talking about all the issues our E65's have and how I felt BMW really dropped the ball, and how amazing it is people don't make a much bigger deal or try to hold BMW account for some of these BS problems.. Anyway, he said, all the new vehicles are going smaller cubic inch and forced induction, we started talking about them and when I brought up the fact that your lucky to get past 100k with our cars without spending major money he said, "Well, we are actually very curious to see how these new vehicles hold up, with the smaller engines and forced induction, and BMW's fluid change schedule and the way people treat vehicles we are very curious to see if these things actually make it to 100k!"
Valid stuff right there!

Now which car for you?

~ Big Marcus
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