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Originally Posted by Fast Bob View Post
The term "Base Price" is a bad joke....virtually NOTHING ever gets sold at the Base Price. A few years ago, just for hahas, I was pricing out a 535ix touring....after choosing the options I felt were (reasonably) necessary, the price was somewhere north of 70 grand, at which point I yakked all over my shoes, and scratched *that* idea....
Word/Phrase: Base Price
Definition: A hunk of total sh*t with no cool features that will make you cry when your buddies roll up in their fully loaded cars.
Used in a Sentence: "Hey Bob! How are those leather seats in your base price vehicle in this 10F weather? What's that? Cold? Oh, right! No seat warmers! HEY EVERYBODY! BOB DOESN'T HAVE SEAT WARMERS IN HIS LUXURY VEHICLE! POINT AND LAUGH!"
Source for 'Used in a Sentence': I don't have seat warmers and it makes me cry.
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