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Originally Posted by Five30Eye View Post
No major symptoms, no. It does have a slightly rough idle for the first minute or so on warm up, but I expect it's ICV/CCV and or DISA related, going to closely inspect the CCV system next time I'm under the hood. Already subscribed to bluebee's excellent collection thread.
Yeah, if you have a rough idle then perhaps thats the beginning of symptoms that will eventually get worse. If its $80 bucks then I'd say its worth it. You still won't recoup the costs anytime soon, but for $80 having smooth operation and maybe a good performance RE-gain would be nice.

I'm sorry, I'm not communicating very well. I often make the mistake that what seems well understood by me, should also be understood by the reader, and it makes for poor communication on my part. When I mentioned fuel economy, in relation to VANOS, it wasn't that I magically expected if I fix the VANOS my car would suddenly get 40MPG. More that it would maximize the potential miles per gallon. That's one of the main reasons why I didn't get a V8, 235hp is way more than I need on US roads, why have to cringe when gas goes over $4 a gallon. Anything over 20MPG was fine by me, my commute is only 30 miles a day, both ways. If fuel economy was my #1 concern, I likely would've gone with a Mazda 5 or another normally aspirated 35-40 MPG car, not hybrid. Don't get me started on hybrids!
I agree, the V8's are no doubt more gas hungry. A lot also depends on how you drive. I bet if you drove a 530i really hard and then had a 540 or M5 that you drove very gently, the mileage would be higher on the 530i. And if you think 225hp is enough for the roads (and its probably even lower compared to stock spec due to age) then I'm honestly jealous. For road driving in the city, I wouldn't mind having a 400hp MINIMUM for safe passing, merging...etc. I'd prefer 500-600Hp as a daily driver. Its simply much safer and convenient for the road (not even talking about the fun factor, but strictly commuting). You can merge quicker, pass quicker and most important get out of the way when you need to.

Why E39 you ask?? Well, as I mentioned in my intro, my best friend had one. He is VERY particular about his cars, and I respect his opinion. If it was good enough for him, perhaps I should consider one. I had the chance to take an '02 335i for a weekend getaway several years ago and I was VERY impressed. My budget dictated that I buy a used car, 10-13k was my number. I have always liked BMW for their racing heritage and focus on performance and quality over flashy trends. Only until recently does the //M badge connote forced induction, which earns respect from me. I'm getting old now, I don't want to hand crank my windows down or be without AC on the two days a year I need it, I want some luxury when I'm driving, and I think I've earned it. I live in a highly affluent community and I see Merc's all day every day, lotsa bimmers as well. I also get a chance to see some amazing cars during the Concours D' Elegance and historic races at Laguna. For some reason the E39 body style kept percolating to the top of my list whenever I thought of cars I'd like to own. It's the rear quarters, when viewed from the rear, just looks great, IMHO. I think cars should not always be form follows function, but should have some passion and emotion in the design, which the E39 always had for me. The E90 is the only other car I would have considered from the Bavarian stable, but the 5 just kept "singing" to me, if you know what I mean. Once I was committed, it became an obsession, I NEEDED an E39. I outlined my initial purchase flow above and was fortunate enough to find my car on the fifth try. As I mentioned, I LOVE driving it and my biggest initial impression was not something I had anticipated; It's so QUIET inside. I was whispering with my daughter as we drove home from purchase, that's not something I could do in a commuter-can.

Sorry to be so long-winded, I hope that by going into more detail here, it will help to understand me a little bit better and enhance my ability to communicate with my fellow forumites.

Oh yeah, I also like E39's. Honestly, if I were VERY rich, I would ask BMW for a custom BMW using an E39 chassis made of carbon fiber, but with a top notch suspension and one of their newer top notch engines like the S85 (I prefer NA engines) paired with a manual dual-clutch transmission and a revamped interior to look modern. It would probably cost hundreds of thousands or maybe millions for it, but that would be my daily driver. I really do like E39.

Main point is that I completely understand your story and agree!
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