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Thanks gareth, bimcwe, and bluebee for the post on a philosophical note.

So today, I got the car washed so the undercarriage is cleaner and everything is more visible. Then on an impulse, I took it to Midas. The guy there was much more patient, much more willing to go over the car slowly with me than the Indy. We visually inspected a whole bunch of things. Getting the car washed made it clearer that much of the PS fluid leak was happening from the intake hose. So the MIDAS guy basically recommended I replace that first, and see if the leak continues. This is was exactly the diagnosis I received earlier as well.

We also went over various things visually- shocks looked good, control arms were fine, bushings were fine, all links looked good, plastic pulleys including water pulley looked fine. No cracks etc.

The belts were fine, but the AC belt had many small cracks. So I decided to replace that.

There were two clamps on the of which was surprisingly halfway torn, altho it still loked very strong. So decided to postpone that for now...

Bottom line, car looked quite fine...which was a relief. So here is what I decided with the Midas guy:

Differential flush- $45
Oil change- $80
Power steering feed hose replaced with labor- $150
AC serpentine belt replaced with labor- $110

The idea once again is to see if the PS leak persists simply after replacing the hose. This is a world of a difference from what the indy quoted. I will be getting this done on Friday.

The other good news- the Midas guy generally seemed cooperative, and willing to work with me to preventively change other parts. His level of expertise is of course the unknown...a big one...will take it a step at a time and get this done for now.
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