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Mein Auto: 2008 Z4 si
My Zed is an 08 3.0si Roadster with automatic transmission.
I have owned it for over a year, taking ownership Sept 27 2011.

As I still have 6 months of full factory warranty, I don't even have to pay for oil changes.
As far as regular maintenance, well I don't even have a dip stick to check oil levels !
You do that via the dash board and a push button.
Im not sure if the 07 has a dip stick.
Oil Changes are every 25000 kms !!!! (or once a year)
Again the dash on start up will indicate how many miles are left on the oil.

A comment on your intermittent rough idle on start up..
First make sure you are putting in good gas...
I discovered my Petro Canada 94 octane was 15% alcohol !
BMW recommends Shell Hi Test cause it has no alcohol ..
I use that religiously now.
Unless the rough idle becomes a regular event, and does not disappear when the engine reaches operating temperature ...
Well I would ignore it.
There is enough technology in your motor, that anything significant you would be told about.
Your car appears to have been meticulously cared for
And from your original post, it looks like that care will continue..

Last year, my first winter with the Zed ...Well unless the salt on the road was extreme ...
I found myself compelled to get her out on the road as often as I could. Plus if the sun was shining, and the temps were around freezing ...
Top down with seat heaters on max ...
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