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Originally Posted by Runon MD1 View Post
You are also incorrect in your rather odd assumption, based on nothing, that I somehow demand or expect that BMW match Apple's every new iteration, and must give me a new part each and every time it releases a new iPod or whatever. You and you alone have somehow decided that that is my position or expectation. Nope...sorry, Chuckles. It ain't.
Yet according to what you just said,

Originally Posted by Runon MD1 View Post
My iPhone has not been tested in the X3 for music purposes yet, but I assume it will work fine (stay tuned). The Bluetooth function for making and receiving phone calls is working well, but that's a different topic.

My new iPod Nano (Version 7) works fine with the new pin adapter. My old iPod (Classic) never worked in my X3 with the standard USB connector/cable from my 2010 3-series, nor with a replacement standard non-Y connector at the dealership ("No device recognized"), but does with the Y connector.
it seems you have 3 different Apple products, all with varying levels of connectivity. So you do see and know that differing Apple products have differing levels of compatibility?

I shudder to ask the question then;
And you expect BMW to provide a cable that allows for full support for all iterations that you bought? (Not counting all the other various models that have been released either prior to or after your particular models?)

The obvious and more probable answer is that BMW decided to support newer Apple products and dropped (or is unable to support) full compatibility for older Apple products.

And so with this statement:
Originally Posted by Runon MD1 View Post
With all due respect to Wrongway, I don't think that his question as to why BMW should provide a cable if mine contains a USB port into which I can plug the connector I already own is valid or on point, as it "assumes facts not in evidence," as our legal brethren often say. Just how does BMW know that I own such a connector cable? Maybe I'm upgrading from a Yugo, and have been using an old hanger and aluminum foil for an antenna or in a vain attempt to play my iTunes.
I'll ask the next question then;
(assuming it wasn't from a source like eBay or Craigslist)
Have you bought an iPod, that didn't come with a cable?
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