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How about directly from the manufacturer of your transmission?

Zahnradfabrik Friedrichshafen (ZF) manufactures automatic transmissions for passenger car and commercial vehicles. To be listed, the additive company must have initially gained ZF approval on the additive system. This involves ZF in-house testing (including friction testing) and field trials.

Listing for both passenger car automatic transmissions (ZF TE-ML 11) and commercial vehicle automatic transmissions (ZF TE-ML 14) requires that the ATF use a ZF approved additive system and have either DEXRONŽ IID or DEXRONŽ III approval. It then must meet the ZF listing criteria detailed in the application form. This includes viscosity, shear stability and scuffing protection

Service fill ATFs for ZF passenger car automatic transmissions not fitted with a continuously slipping torque converter are listed on ZF TE-ML 11A (DEXRONŽ IID) and ZF TE-ML 11B(DEXRONŽ III). ZF passenger car automatic transmissions fitted with a continuously slipping torque converter are factory fill for life with a dedicated fluid. Service fill ATFs for ZF commercial vehicle automatics are listed on ZF TE-ML 14, which classifies fluids four ways. Sections A, B and C list approved lubricants. Section D fluids are recommendations only.

Dex 3 is approved for your car, by the manufacturer..... you rebel you.

You should ad the ZF additive if you can find it. It will help your trans last longer, and work better.

One more reason to follow the reccomendations would be warranty claims. I had a new truck lose a transmission. We had serviced it at my friends shop. He called Chrysler and found out we had to use a mopar additive when we flushed the trans every 30k miles. The fan clutch failed, the trans overheated. At first the dealer tried to deny repairs on the trans and only wanted to cover the failed fan clutch. We had the records to back up using the correct fluid and service interval, it saved me $4000.

I have run Amsoil extensively, some RP and some Redline. None of them ever really impressed me, even though I need to try MTL in my 535. I know some like to try and reinvent the wheel. I accept that engineers with far more training and experience than I already figured it out.

Good for you bobby for taking their reccomendation
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