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Weird Windshield Wiper Issue

In early October, while the car was at the dealership having the battery issue looked at, they changed my oil and put a new set of wiper blades on the car. The old ones weren't bad, just a little streaky.

The new blades are horrible!

The first weekend after having the car serviced, was on a road trip and encountered rain. The wipers no longer glide across the glass, instead they ratchet or jump. After prolonged exposure to rain they eventually (that weekend) smoothed out.

This last weekend while washing the car, I dried off the blades (no big deal), but yesterday evening, when leaving work we were having a huge rainstorm. My wipers ratcheted, jumped and chattered with every pass. The only time they seemed to even approach working somewhat smoothly was when the car was at speed, at stop lights it was painfully annoying how bad they were.

Is there something I can put on them to make them work more smoothly? Is my windshield too clean? Did BMW change vendors and the new blades are garbage?


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