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Originally Posted by Tuffyboy View Post
Wow, sounds amazing!. Love the nice tolerable growl. Stock it sounds less aggressive than my wife's minivan so very interested in this post. Thanks.

Couple of questions, why Meisterschaft over Dinan or another offering? Also what were your impressions post Dinan springs? That is my planned next upgrade- ACS or Dinan springs.

I just got to test drive the latest Lamborghini's yesterday and while its no Aventador my 550i with Dinan 2 was still fun on the way home. If it sounded more badass I could at least pretend...

Thanks again

Thanks Tuffyboy

Why Meisterschaft: I wanted an exhaust system that gives a wide range of sound rather than a fixed one, I need this flexibility to adjust to specific enviroments, e.g. at work, picking up my children from school, business ride vs. fun rides. The EV control offers me all these choices, moreover, recently i learned that the valves not only opens and closes but depending on how long you press the remote button you can adjust it to all possible ranges, i.e. from fully closed to fully open and every thing in between, this helps me a lot in eliminating any drone at any specific speed by adjusting the valves accordingly, i can't ask for better and I'm very pleased with this system.

The other reason for picking it is having the x-pipe which eliminate the middle OEM resonator (as you can see in the pics) theoretically this should allow for better free flow of gases off the engine and therefore reducing some of the back pressure (enhancing performance), in addition to adding a more aggressive sound to the system at fully-opened state.

Why Dinan suspensions: Will since I don't have EDC, I wanted to install a full coilovers but was surprised with the fact that there isn't yet any for the 550 Xdrive, the only two available choices I found in the market - that are compatible with Xdrive - were: Dinan (lowers by 1/2 inch) and H&R (lowers by average 1.4 inch) springs, my goal from the suspension upgrade was performance over the look, and since my preference is not to significantly lower the car, I went with Dinan.

In terms of my few weeks experience with the suspension, I can certainly feel the difference from stock; the car is handling corners much better, the ride hight just like what I want it to be, no bottoming out what so ever, the car feels stiff as a BMW should feel and responds better when manoeuvred with out a compromise to the ride comfort in daily drive. I can't wait to see how would the wheels/tires upgrade would add to this! (spring mods .

I have not taken the car back to the garage for alignment yet, and I'm not sure if it would do any difference, It would be nice if someone else who has done it can chime in and share the experience??.

I hope this would help
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