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Please, Wrongway...we seem to be doing better, so let's try to keep it up. I will do my best, and know you will as well.

So, you responded:

I shudder to ask the question then;
And you expect BMW to provide a cable that allows for full support for all iterations that you bought? (Not counting all the other various models that have been released either prior to or after your particular models?)

The obvious and more probable answer is that BMW decided to support newer Apple products and dropped (or is unable to support) full compatibility for older Apple products.

In response to your first point, we have been over this many infinitum if not ad nauseum. I have repeatedly responded that I do not expect BMW to give me a cable each time Apple releases a new model or product.

In fact, in one of my more recent posts I said that that would be ridiculous, and would be like my expecting Nordstrom to give me a new tie each time ties narrowed or widened with the arrival of a new season (talk about "planned obsolescence!"), or a new pair of pants each time I gained or lost weight just because I had been a loyal customer....with shoes and a belt to match, no less. If I felt that way, I would totally agree with you. But I don't feel that way, and never did.

I think that that is what you see as my position. If I did think or feel that way, I would be on my ass as well! But it's not, and never was. Perhaps I was in error in coming across that way. If I did, I again apologize.

I would therefore ask that you trust me, so that you can, and I think you should stop suggesting that I think that BMW is somehow obligated to keep sending me "schwag" every time a new Apple or other product is released. As another example, I don't believe that it owes me new tires just because new BMWs were to suddenly be equipped with Michelins that last 80,000 miles (if only!).

That's why I really find it puzzling that you seem to fail to get it, as it were. Let me say it one last time...I do not expect BMW to hook me up each time a new product appears. But, as long as I'm talking about "hooking up," (no...not that kind), if I go out on a fishing boat, for example, I expect that it will have an experienced and properly licensed captain, deckhands, fishing poles, life preservers, bait, enough fuel, proper navigation and communication equipment, etc., etc.

So...and you appear to disagree with me, which is fine, I still feel that BMW should supply a connector at least in or with cars equipped with the Premium Radio Package, BMW Apps or whatever equipment that is compatible with and require such.

Now it may elect to support Apple products. As I said, if I have an Android or other music player, I would be the first to admit that I was SOL. Too bad for me. But to provide none whatsoever in the X35i is where my problem with them lies.

I agree with you that BMW makes decisions to support some brands and not others, though I don't think that that is responsive to my point or the issue that I have raised.

To respond to your other point, my iPhone5 was purchased at a Verizon store, my Y-connector was purchased at my BMW dealership, and my iPod Nano and all my iPod and iPhone connectors and adapters were purchased at an Apple store. When it comes to products like that, I never, ever use eBay, Craigslist, etc.

Have a good one. And thanks.


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