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Originally Posted by Sophisto View Post
Sure, but wasn't there an X5 lurking in the shadows, for her.
Knowing the MRS as we do, the F32 seems the best way to go.
Any sixer will be the toy for D, putting all kind of strait going performance enhancements on it for a while.
Oh well lets hope the squeak will stay for a bit longer...
Maybe his eye cathes a glimps of the all new quattroporte, a worthy successor for any serious BMW.
She's told me she wants a higher seating position for a better view down the road, but she also wants it handle decently and it must accelerate with authority. So now I think we will visit Russel BMW which has a low content X5 5.0 and an X5M in stock. If I can get her to drive both, I'm pretty sure I know which one she will pick.

BTW, the squeak was still there this morning. I think it is the plastic on the door frame, which should be a trivial fix, but I'm curious to see how the car shopping goes first.

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