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Originally Posted by clinkinfo View Post
So long story short, an 08 4.8 x5 has developed 4 significant oil leaks at 58000 miles. Specifically, the valve cover, the vacuum pump, the oil switch, and the upper left timing case cover are all leaking oil.

The leaks are significant enough to be dripping oil out onto the ground.

After some conversations with the dealer and BMWNA, the dealer began to try and take the IMO odd position that (paraphrasing):

Well, at this mileage is COMMON for BMW engines to leak significant oil. We see it frequently.

Now, having owned about 5 different BMWs over the years, as well as some competitive brands, I can honestly say I've never experienced any significant oil leaks at any mileage with those other cars, much less the catastrophic seal failure(s) that have begun on this x5. My recollection is manufacturers learned how to competently seal simple things like valve covers about 40 years ago.

Of course, I've called the dealer out a bit on that comment/position. As a degreed mechanical engineer and a car enthusiast, there is no way you can convince me that in this day and age MULTIPLE seal and gasket leaks at such a young age and mileage, especially after receiving ALL proper Prescribed maintance, can be considered reasonable. Forget about the concepts we all love to believe about BMW, like any degree of design or manufacturing excellence.

So here's the question:

If the statement is true, and failures like this are expected just after warranty, how can anyone argue in support of BMW design/manufacturing quality.

If the statement is untrue, why would you want to try and give consumers that impression about your brand?

Either way, how does that position help the brand image with the consumer? or is that now sadly the new level of BMW quality?
Nope. My 1999 528 uses NO oil between 10-13K changes. You may have a lemon. (Sorry. I apparently responded earlier. Don't know why this post came up again.)

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