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Originally Posted by chrisrees View Post
Btw this sounds like a commercial.
This is the most recent variation of marketing occurring on the internet. An initial poster with low post numbers touts a product (Warranty in this case) and is often compensated based on how many people he gets routed through that pathway (notice he asked prospective 'clients" to make CERTAIN they reference him). It's not to get any specific discount but rather is so that the seller's know where the lead comes from. The one thing I found a bit "odd" was the name of the warranty company, carHEX (Who the heck?), not CarCheck (which is a known entity). In some "extreme" cases, there is no business AT ALL but rather it can be a scam. If you DO end up buying anything from ANYONE via an online reference like this, ensure that you pay with a credit card so that you have some recourse. NEVER, EVER pay one of these via Western Union. I can guarantee that a company is a scam if the ONLY accept WU. You HAVE to ask yourself... "Why would someone create a thread title that is almost an advertisement in and of itself?" Is he simply trying to boast or is he actually trying to sell something? You can usually tell in a few post if it's just testosterone because they seldom ask for references and don't apply (artificial) pressures like "must buy today or must buy quickly to get the Black Friday discount..."

The thread naturally pulls in more "respected" forum users with many post who may mis-read the original (name in this case) and could (unintentionally) appear to "stand up" for the original posters cause/company.

PS - I don't know the OP from Adam but one of my professional roles is identifying things like this on forums like these for businesses. As with anything, you HAVE to due your due diligence.

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