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Originally Posted by pkathee View Post
I sure will.

Yeah, I had my fair share of episodes with the 760. Till I reached the plastic limit and I said enough!!!!

I have owned a good number of cars in the past and the switch from my S55AMG to 760 was the worst mistake ever. A few of my friends and past 7 series owners totally discouraged me from the move but I turned a cold shoulder on them. I learnt the hard way. The only way.
Yeah, unfortunately I did the same thing.. I told the MB guys I wanted to get a E65 and they said, no way, those are junk, way more problems then the W220, and I didn't listen.. then when looking my girl was calling around and all the lots she was calling kept telling her, stay away from those 02+ 7 series, they are nothing but problems.. again could only think about how much I wanted it... knew they said the W220 was full of problems so I figured how bad could it be.. I didn't realize the vacuum pumps are junk, the valve stem seals, the heads have emissions issues, the alternators are problematic, the thing leaks oil from every corner, the thing has a stupid coolant pipe in the middle that when leaks requires thousands, L7 amp that atleast in my car has gone out 3 times, bad ASK, electrical issues, absolute JUNK transmissions, and MANY more problems that I could keep going with, but these are just the ones that are common..

I am sorry but for a 100k car that is just unacceptable.. See I have some really big beliefs in general, like how after all the taxes we pay on EVERYTHING we maybe get to keep about 30% of our hard earned money.. why? not because of the government, because of us. People are idiots, and we let this happen.. total cattle syndrome, and all these shiny electronics and such that everyone is hooked on are yet another distraction to keep people busy and not thinking about all these injustices.. These cars are the same way.. BMW should be absolutely ruined producing a car with this many known common issues, yet it's hardly talked about.. just by us, the suckers who bought them.. you can yell at me all you want, but it's the truth.. years ago if you had an issue with a business, the manager came out, kissed your ass and gave you the royal treatment, now they basically tell you we don't care, call corporate.. why? Because most people are too "busy" to call, and the ones who do won't get a call back unless they squak for a couple weeks..

I am sorry for this long winded rant! I type very fast so it just comes out quickly.. Anyway, let it be known I just bought my car and haven't really had any issues with it yet besides L7, guibo, battery, etc.. I had to replace all the interior trim because like my E46 BMW put crap trim that peels and chips when you look at it wrong.. anyway I am not mad because I have spent all kinds of money fixing problems.. YET.. I am mad because I didn't listen, and I gave someone 10k cash for poorly built vehicle that would probably be impossible to sell.. If I can spare someone else from doing the same then I'd be happier.. Don't get me wrong, I love the feel the look, the whole drive, but I have glitches, and then come on here and see nothing but issues.. on the other boards there are people modding, etc, on here most every post is a problem..
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