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1. The labour charges for shock changes can include changes to the springs, springpads (upper and lower) as well as shock mounts, at no extra charge. All of this extra stuff needs to be done anyway to access the shock mount. They will probably be able to do the brake pads for free or a nominal increase ($10 per wheel) as well, its only a 10 minute job once everything has been accessed).

2. She has probably damaged her shock mounts nice and good by now while driving with busted shocks. Very bad move to spend all that money and time on new shocks and labour, only to find that the mounts ought to have been swopped too.

3. Even if her shocks weren't busted that badly, old mounts are old mounts. Even if they don't look much different from new ones, put in new ones and you'll notice a significant difference in the firmness of the car.

4. My suggestion is that you don't put in oem shock mounts, but put in Meyle HD mounts....these mounts are better than oem. So you get a an additional benefit there, and they last longer as well.

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