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Originally Posted by kankou View Post
Your CA is either ignorant or lazy. There should be a build week associated with your production number, and that is something they can look up.
There is a third option (which I take heat on by dealers)...that is the CA is lying.

He knows that they have eiher NOT decided WHICH production slot they will give you, or he is purposefully not telling you. Indeed, his boss may have booked the sale and is just waiting to see which production slot he puts you in based on how profitable your deal is, versus others. He may have you in a February slot, waiting to see what he needs to put in to make his year end numbers- if higher paying deals come in, you may be SOL

When you cut a deal you MUST include 'which week of production do I get' as part of the negotiation.

There are MANY threads on this. Many. One guy got jerked around for 2-3 months with the same "Oh, you know BMW" story...then he found out he was being played. All that time gone.

Tell him "I want a confirmed production week listed on dealer speed by close of business ___, or the deal is cancelled"
Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.
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