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Originally Posted by FenderBender View Post
Joey, why are you worried about power so much? It's just a dd right?

16O HP is more than enough to do ANYTHING a dd will do.

Just find a nice cheapish car with good gas mileage and a non hateful interior and exterior.

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Yeah, very good point. Now I'm back to thinking about an MKV GTI with the DSG trans if I could get it for the right price, or going full eco-box and getting a Mazda3 hatch. What I really dream about is doing crazy stuff with the M3, if I want to make that happen I should make the daily as cheap as possible.

I did a really rough total of my dream list of mods and repairs to the M3. $8200. Without boost.

Originally Posted by jonesin View Post
Joey, have you considered something like the W208 Merc's? My roommate has one, (a '00 CLK430) bought it 4 years ago (in our inflated prices) for $13.5k, and has had to put nothing else at all into it. It is reasonable on gas, actually pretty fun to drive, has nearly identical power to weight ratio's to your M3, and are quite comfortable.

(Auto Trader link) there are several around your area in your price range ~ish.
Those are pretty nice. My friend's dad had a Black on Black one and I used to think it was SO COOL back then. I'd think about it but its certainly going to rack up the gas and parts bills faster than a newer FWD 4-cylinder.

I've never seen a metered ramp, at least not on my drive. My commute is really unpredictable, I drive away from the city to go to work so I'm out of the worst of the fray. I'm usually in heavy traffic but it keeps moving, and at least once a week I hit some godawful jam that doubles the time I'm in the car.

Last night on 28 South leaving work, an 18 wheeler was completely stopped with his hazards on in the right lane, causing a massive bottleneck while everyone tried to get into the left two lanes to get around him. Took me at least 20 minutes to get about 200 yards.

EDIT: Interdasting. I wonder what's broken on it...

I do like those wheels and R32 exhaust, doesn't look like stock ride height though.

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