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Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Did you look at the link I had provided for you (which has price surveys for new units, in addition to rebuilds)?

If you go new, this is the canonical coding thread for the ABS control module:
- What happens if you don't code the VIN into a new ABS module

And, you could code it yourself, by the way:
- INPA, EDIABAS, NCS Expert, DIS, EasyDIS, Progman, & other BMW factory & dealer programming, coding, and diagnostic software & cable interfaces (1)
You know Blue that just about the time that I think we (well, you really!) are possibly scaring some people away because the information base you put together is so complete, I see you just pull-out the exact information you put together based upon a link to a link and then I realize how good at this you really are! You are just plain, flat out, DAMN GOOD at all the things I am not. Are you looking for work? Honest to God you have a gift Blue! Could it be borderline OCD? Could it just be your love of order and using a computer to the fullest? I dunno, but I just took a long-standing respect for you and your efforts up a bunch of notches that I believe puts you in an elite place no one else has ever reached. Now, let your head return to its normal size before testing the width of your hallways. Best my good friend! Bill
P.S. I do question that all these scan/programming tools will program a module, but worth trying. Some modules seem "balky" even with a GT-1 ergo my comments about the Autologic being the tool I have seen program a module a GT-1 actually would not despite a GT-1 being successful many, many times in other cases. An autologic is only tool I have seen program 100% of the modules it was hooked-up too. Maybe it was operator error or firmware being out-of-date, but I must assume if someone can afford the GT-1 (out-of-production now, I believe) I must assume they know how to use it properly. Only Autologic and Bee are 100%!

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